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the new animated series, go jetters takes preschoolers on an action-packed, geographical adventure with four plucky heroes. Foz has super intelligence and can crack the code to any of grandmaster glitch’ s plans! He’ s a master strategist, mathematician, and geography expert who’ s always got the answers. Foz is a key member of the intrepid team of international heroes known as the go jetters, and now you can relive his adventures and create new ones with this action-packed figure complete with his g. o. Giant suit with special features. Just place foz into the suit, press the button and watch the suit pop up to a taller height! Foz’ s mighty g. o. Giant click-on action suit has arms that can be moved up and down, claw hands that can hold objects and other figures, and it can be rolled along to his destination. Insert an energy bolt into the suit’ s right arm, press the button and launch the bolt! Includes two energy bolt projectiles. G. o. Giant suit works with any go jetters figure (sold separately and subject to availability). action figure with g. o. giant click-on action suit your favourite heroes straight from the animated tv series, go jetters includes two energy bolts that store in the back of the g. o. giant click-on suit g. o. giant click-on suit works with any go jetters figure (sold separately and subject to availability) .