Tempo Limitato Speciale Acquisto Unisex SYLVANIAN FAMILIES Adventure Treasure Ship 0jidrSL2

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whether your sylvanians want to go on a treasure hunt, or sail the sylvanian seas, this little vessel is the way for them to navigate the big blue ocean! conveniently located on the adventure island, this playground lets your sylvanians use their imaginations to play pretend explorers! from costumes to a viewing deck, this adorable themed playground has great games for all ages! Including a slide, swing and climbing net, plus some hidden treasure to hunt.   includes 1 ship body; 1 flag; 1 viewing deck; 1 slide; 1 pier; 1 net; 1 sea; 2 fence; 1 treasure chest; 1 float; 1 binocular telescope; 1 crown; 4 gem; 1 treasure map; 8 card sheet connects to splash & play whale, splash & play whale, splash & play whale, forest nursery, nursery double decker, splash & play whale, seaside restaurant, treehouse well-made with fine attention to detail good for stimulating imaginative role-play in children suitable for ages 3 years and up.