Tempo Limitato Speciale Acquisto Unisex Flair Shopkins Happy Places Happy Home vQ4bBkxT

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the shoppies have shopped ' til they dropped in shopville and now they are heading home to happyville. Happy places is a miniature range of super cute petkins furniture and accessories who live with lil' shoppies in happyville. You' ll find everything you need to create your own happy place. Buy your happy home playset and fill it with petkins furniture to make the perfect home for your lil' shoppies. The happy home is the perfect place with plenty of space to decorate and display all your petkins. Fill the rooms with your collections and turn a happy home into a happy place. This extendable 2-sided playset comes with the exclusive lil' shoppie; popette and the exclusive ' puppy parlor' petkins furniture welcome pack. Collect the other furniture packs to fill the rest of the rooms. Contents: 1 playset, 1 lil' shoppie, 1 large petkin, 2 medium petkins, 3 small petkins & 3 mini petkins. includes 1 exclusive lil' shoppie includes exclusive puppy parlour welcome pack fill your home with petkins furniture suitable for ages 5+.